Too Many Sisters

Callie Armstrong’s personal life was already in turmoil, but it gets worse. Now she is being forced to share her successful music production company with three business partners.

One partner wants her husband.
One partner wants her money.
One partner wants her trust even while keeping secrets.
Is this how it is with all sisters?

Marlisa, the youngest of the four sisters fell in love with Callie’s husband the very first time they met. She has decided to have him at all cost, even if it means losing every member of her family.

Paula, the oldest sibling, suddenly resurfaces in the sister’s lives with a deceptive plan to get the inheritance she believes she’s owed. She’ll take money over family any day.

Alise, the middle sister, can stop Paula’s harmful plan. However, her involvement in a blackmail plot puts her children’s future at risk. Now she has an impossible choice – hurt her children or betray her sisters.

Too Many Sisters captures the complications of sisterhood: the competition, the jealousy, the love, the hurt and the inability to sever ties.

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