Birth Order and Parenting

Have you ever wondered how siblings in the same household could have such diverse thinking and behavior? “Birth Order and Parenting” describes personality traits and the role parents have in developing them. You may discover the “why” behind the “who”!

The e-book, ‘Birth Order and Parenting”, was organized and written around the study of Alfred Adler’s birth order theory and other studies regarding the creation of our different personalities. Who has a bully personality and why? What positive character traits are middle children more likely to have than their siblings? Is the Middle Child Syndrome real?

Included are topics such as: What to do about sibling jealousy, how to address the perception of parental favoritism and bullying between siblings.

Whether you’re a student of the birth order theory, a parent or if you’re just interested in family development, “Birth Order and Parenting” can provide insight. Learn about siblings differences, (even in your own family) and don’t be surprised if you find a perfect match to your own personality within the pages of this e-book!

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