But We Are Here

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It’s amazing how we reach a point in our lives and do the long, look back. That’s when we’re able to see our entire life’s work.  How much happiness did we give? How much grief did we suffer? Have the dreams we had for our children been realized?  Have our own dreams? How many of our loved ones, the people who molded us, are now missing from our lives? Answering that last question makes that long, look back feel extra lonely, so I allow the memories to come, too. The memories of those loved ones who are gone no longer make me feel sad or at least not as sad. Instead I feel comforted because remembering them makes me feel connected, otherwise, it would be like they were never here.

The year 2020 will forever been seen as the year of disconnect. We had to disconnect from our jobs, friends, family, normalcy and even a bit of the humanity that comes from contact with other people. In my long, look back at the year 2020 I hope to have memories of learning patience, resiliency and concern for my fellow man. I hope to remember being a good citizen and meeting good citizens who make the decision to wear masks as we all adapt to difficult times. We all feel the loneliness brought on by global isolation and the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring in this pandemic.  I hope my look back won’t bring memories of what I can’t escape right now. Instead, I want to remember those times I was feeling connected; otherwise, it’ll be like I was never here.

So, for now I write. I read – which helps me write. I watch scripted shows streaming on every platform- that helps me write, too. I drink wine. Now, wine doesn’t help me write, but it does help me imagine myself as a great writer.  So, I exercise and dance and drink wine (yes, more wine!) and count my blessings.

We do what we have to do as we prepare for tomorrow.

I hope those who have lost so much more than I have at this stressful time in the world, recover from that loss and then thrive. Because on some level, we are all connected and on some level we should all care. Otherwise, why are we even here?

(Facebook group – Ladies Wine Club International for the wine drinkers)

New books to come!