Book Club Questions – God Doesn’t Love Us All the Same

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Here are a few questions to get the book club conversation started.

1)      Do you think Marianne was really molested or was it all Vera’s imagination?

2)      What one event do you think had the biggest impact on Vera’s life?

3)      Do you believe we are all in control of our own destiny? Why or why not? What do you think Vera could have done to change hers?

4)      Do you think we are morally, socially or otherwise obligated to help our fellow man? Why/why not?

5)      What do you think is the #1 reason Janine is so drawn to Vera?

6)      Janine is convinced of her grandmother’s forgiveness, are you?

7)      What’s your general impression of Sara? Do you think Sara has a dark side?

8)      What is more difficult: forgiving someone or forgiving yourself?