Works In Progress

The story of sisters Callie, Alise, Marlisa and Paula that started with Too Many Sisters and then continued in the sequel Too Many Secrets will have the final chapters written in book three of this trilogy.

“I want to give readers hope for the sisters and for the importance of family. There may be a type of family reconciliation in store for these sisters, who are all smart, strong and very capable women in their own way. At the very least I think readers will understand Paula a little bit better. They may not like her better, but knowing the “why” behind her thinking may be something readers want to know.”

God Doesn’t Love Us All the Same – A Royal Palm Literary Award winner, this novel tells the story of an old woman who becomes homeless and how her life story affects a younger woman who tries to help. This is a story about love, the sacrifices we make for love and learning how to forgive ourselves for our life altering mistakes.

Please contact the National Coalition for the Homeless for information on how to help in the ongoing fight against homelessness.

Darkest Faith – A new series that sticks to the familiar theme of family and sacrifice.

Ladies Wine Club – A series of short stories/novellas about middle-aged women friends get together to de-stress with a few glasses of wine…well,lots of wine. So, what could go wrong?

Help Write a NovellaThe Women’s Fiction Club hosted by Juania Books will begin another online interactive novella. As author Nina Guilbeau writes a chapter, she will ask the reader questions on the direction of the story. Once the reader votes on what should happen next, the responses are secretly tallied and the next chapter will be written to follow the majority of the participants’ wishes.

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