Writing Inspirations

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What inspires you to write? Here are a few tips and ideas that may encourage your creativity!

Whenever I was preparing to write scenes for my book Too Many Sisters in which protagonist Callie Armstrong would interact with her estranged husband, I would listen to music by recording artist Anita Baker. Her CD “My Everything” has a track called “Like You Used to Do” which never failed to conjure up a mood of romantic melancholy for me. I was able to write effectively expressing Callie’s mind-set due to her painful break up with her husband Michael. After all, he was the love of her life and the song seemed to sum up their relationship. Even after completing the book, “Like You Used to Do”, is still (at least in my mind), Callie and Michael’s song.

Music is one of the most effective mood influences we have available. It’s also a tool that many professionals use for teaching and inspiring creativity. Here are a few other ideas which may inspire you to write:

* Take a walk down memory lane! Pull out photo albums, old letters or seek out friends to catch up on “old times”. These actions may serve as reminders for old feelings or long forgotten stories that may be useful in your writing.

* One wonderful inspiration is to talk with an older, wiser friend or relative. Their life stories can not only be fascinating, but contain lots of historical value as well.

* Never miss an opportunity to write! Keep a pen and paper handy at your bedside for those flashes of brilliance in the middle of the night. Writings inspired by dreams can be a terrific prompt, so don’t miss out on those opportunities. Instead, take notes while the ideas are fresh!

* Pick a time, sit down and then write! Free flowing writing can dust off the mental cobwebs and hopefully shake loose some great ideas!

* Change locations. Sometimes a new setting will not only give you a new physical viewpoint, but it may also give you a new creative viewpoint.

* Put your manuscript in the desk and just walk away for a few days. When you’re ready to pick it up again, begin the process of reading and editing. Reviewing your writings with fresh eyes can be enormously helpful in the creative process.

* Join a writer’s group. This is a place where you can exchange ideas with other writers of all genres. Perhaps you want a little romance to spice up your spy thriller or vice versa. Where best to get that inspiration than from authors who write in those different genres?

* Try to take the stress out of writing by taking time to relax. A walk on a beautiful day (or even a nice walk in the rain!), a leisurely drive or perhaps a family fun night with games or a movie can do wonders for your writing disposition.

Use these suggested techniques or find something that works for you. Just don’t give up!

**** This content was written by Nina Guilbeau. If you wish to use this content in any manner, you need written permission.